Silver Daddies Lover

26 year old guy from the UK.
I have a big love for older males.

My type varies which I guess is good,
mainly daddy's over 50
Grey haired, brown eyed, dark skinned , hairy daddy is what I am talking about ;)


This afternoon at work I had this guy come in with what looked like a family, he was gorgeous , about 56 grey hair and a lovely bum.

The cafe was pretty empty he and a young lady were sat at one of the tables and I I walked by them he kept clearing his throat.

As I said goodbye to them both as they left, we had a lingered stare into each others eyes and I’m sure he wanted it as much as I did!

That’s what today brought in the way of excitement…..

Have a great weekend



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Just sat around, fantasising about a guy who I served coffee earlier, his package was huge and his eyes were brown, his hair was silver and his smile could have ended wars….

Shame his wife was with him…..

This concludes my day